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A light flicks on above them; mother comes to the window, baby cries.

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TLF TimeLineFilm
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The Company
The film and TV production company TLF TimeLineFilm GmbH produces contemporary-history documentations for the national and international TV-market.
TLF TimeLineFilm was founded in Fuerth/Germany in 2003 by TV-journalist Evi Kurz.
Evi Kurz

Information on Evi Kurz:
Evi Kurz started her successful journalist career with the Bavarian Broadcasting in Germany. For many years she served, among others, as news anchor of the evening news. Up to this day she has remained faithful to this TV channel and serves as both screenwriter and anchor woman of a weekly TV-journal.
Apart from her regular activities in German TV, Evi Kurz successfully participated for many years in various private-enterprise TV-projects and eventually founded her own company in F䨯Germany in 2003 - TLF TimeLineFilm GmbH.
Evi Kurz is engaged in a variety of political and social activities throughout Germany, among others she serves as President of the so-called "Ludwig-Erhard*-Initiativkreis Fuerth" and is a member of the "Ludwig-Erhard*-Stiftung" in Bonn.
* The name of former German Chancellor Ludwig Erhard stands for social market economy and the so-called German "Wirtschaftswunder" (economic miracle).

TLF TimeLineFilm Filmproduktion

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