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Following the spectacular success of the documentary film, "The Kissinger Saga" is now also available as a book and a DVD.

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The Kissinger-Saga
Walter and Henry Kissinger - Two Brothers from Fürth/Germany

Book, Direction and Producer: Evi Kurz

"I never give interviews about my personal life" 䨡t was Henry Kissinger঩rst answer to a letter from Germany. But eventually he changed his mind. Evi Kurz, the TV-journalist from Henry Kissingerযrmer hometown F䨬 had not given up and proved successful after a period of two years: For the very first time in his life Henry Kissinger talks in front of a running camera about his private life, about his brother, his parents, his children and grandchildren; he talks about his childhood in Germany, how they fled the Nazi-regime, about his new life in America, about his relationship to Germany and the German people.
And because Henry made this first step, others followed: first of all, his one year younger brother Walter, "the other Kissinger" (newsweek), who made a real big career in the American industry. And there are other family members and people who accompanied the Kissinger-family on their long and exciting way of life: relatives and friends, former neighbors and students, journalists, such as Marvin Kalb, or politicians like former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt and former German Secretary of State Hans-Dietrich Genscher. They all talked exclusively with Evi Kurz.
This is how a fascinating and touching family saga was created, the "Kissinger-Saga" ᠵnique portrait of Louis and Paula Kissinger and their two sons Henry and Walter.

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