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The Kissinger Saga:


The documentary film broadcasted by the German ARD (90 minutes) and extensive bonus material (30 minutes):
Even more detailed information from the interviews with Helmut Schmidt (former German Chancellor), Hans-Dietrich Genscher (former German Secretary of State) and Marvin Kalb (Kissinger biographer)

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Press commentaries on Evi Kurz' TV documentary:
"An Orten, an denen bisher noch nie ein Fernsehteam zugelassen war, nahm Evi Kurz einmalige Bilder auf." ["Evi Kurz succeeded in taking exclusive pictures of places to which no television team was ever admitted before."]
Financial Times Deutschland
"Rare Einblicke in eine fesselnde Familiengeschichte." ["Rare glimpses into a fascinating family story."]
stern TV Magazin
ISBN 973-3-940405-71-5
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